Website, Email, Domain & VPN Hosting


We provide a wide variety of incredibly reliable and fast local website, email, domain and VPN hosting services to our customers. Instead of limiting customers to a certain amount of disk space, email addresses and forwarders costing is defined out solely on the amount of data / traffic that is being used with unlimited everything else.

Web & Email Hosting Features

These are just some of the world-class features that we offer along with our Web & Email Hosting Accounts.

  • Secure TLS Email Sending
  • Secure SSL Email Retrieval
  • Website Visitor Statistics (With Awstats)
  • Email Sending / Receiving Statistics (With Awstats)
  • Combined Hosting Account Traffic Statistics (Divided per protocol)
  • Webmail (Delivered by Squirrel Mail)
  • Automatic Anti Virus Scanning on all Incoming & Outgoing Email
  • World-class tried and tested Anti-Spam filtering
  • Auto Responder (Vacation / Out Of Office) plug-in configurable through Webmail
  • Web Database Administration Utility (PHP My Admin)
  • Administration utility to manage email addresses and forwarders yourself if needed
  • Reliable (On-Site Call-Out capable) technical support
  • Incremental Daily Backup Systems

Additional Information & Pricing


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