I.T. Service Level Agreements


Tyrmida's primary focus with customers has always been Maintenance & Support agreements. Our goal is to form a long-term relationship with our customers outsourcing their I.T. staff requirements. For most Small and Medium Enterprises or Larger Companies with remote branches this becomes necessary as full-time on-site I.T. support staff runs too expensive.

Unlike the common industry standard to provide I.T. maintenance & support agreements based on hours, our service is priced according to the infrastructure and users that need to be supported.

The Benefits

  • Expenses are predictable and budgeting becomes easy as the customer know what they will pay irrespective of how many hours of support or maintenance were provided. This further streamlines billing and accounts for the customer as there are no multitude of job cards and invoices to be audited and processed.
  • Due to the way that our Service Level Agreements are priced, there is a mutual benefit in between the customer and us to have stable well-maintained systems. If I.T. down-time and problems are kept to a minimum, the customer will lose less productivity and at the same time, we benefit from having to spend less hours doing emergency troubleshooting and recovery. Because of this, we are naturally motivated to ensure routine maintenance is kept up-to-date and systems in top-notch condition.
  • The customer has one account manager at one company to contact for any I.T. issue that needs to be sorted out. This person takes on the branch as his/her responsibility and would work together with the customer?s staff to ensure that the goals as far as I.T. systems are met.

What is Included

  • Routine maintenance & cleaning up of necessary systems.
  • Real-time monitoring of all static on-site equipment using our central customer monitoring systems (in most instances we are aware of things breaking before our customers are).
  • Online web-based ticketing system to log and track non-emergency support requests, user changes etc.
  • Full Documentation on Infrastructure for Business Continuity and certification purposes.
  • Same / Next day response on critical system-wide issues.
  • Yearly budget review to plan future I.T. Infrastructure costs and expansions / changes.
  • Quarterly review and consultations.
  • 30-day cancellation notice period (no yearly contracts).

Pricing and Futher Information

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